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CreatoNews Spring 2013

Spring 2013 CreatoNews

Stop Bitching! Start Pitching 🙂

Do you have more Revenue Generators than Cost Centres in your Business?

Sell something, talk to your customers, preferably face to face…Creating Value from Commodities…Create an Innovation Culture



Spring 2013 CreatoNews


Our Food Future: How to Create Value from Commodities

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Looking out to 2050 what are some of the mega-trends that will impact on our food and beverage landscape as growers, processors, manufacturers and marketers of consumer packaged goods.

Global population growth past 9b by 2050 combined with increased urbanisation, changing diet patterns in the developing world and water shortages and climate change will impact detrimentally on food supply and exacerbate demand for protein and sugar and other soft commodities.

Food manufacturers will continue to consolidate as they attempt to extract efficiency from farm to shelf and retailers will grow globally, albeit with greater changes due to localisation challenges in global retail.

Fonterra case study on how an integrated supply chain from farm to shelf has increased returns to shareholder returns from cow to shelf using highly segmented nutritional products marketed to life stage needs segments.

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